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Trouble Shooting and Diagnostics

Check engine light

Most vehicles are equipped with a check engine light. Your vehicle’s on board computer can illuminate this light for so many reasons, often including emissions systems, engine performance and transmission performance. Ignoring your check engine light can cause you a headache.

Car Pros specialists will gladly perform our comprehensive 22 point inspection service which includes a scan of the vehicles on board diagnostic service to determine what you car is trying to tell you.

check engine light
transmission towing Can’t Move?

If your vehicle has left you stranded, and will not move, don’t worry, all you have to do is call Car Pros Towing, and we gladly make all of the arrangements to get your vehicle picked up by our 24 hour on-call towing professionals.

Once your vehicle has arrived at our center, our highly trained technicians will jump into action and quickly complete our comprehensive diagnostic service and will determine what needs to be done to get you and your vehicle safely back on the road.

Seeing Green ,  Red or Dark Brown Fluid Leaking?

These are certainly symptoms that you don’t want to put off.

    The greenish fluid is an indicator that your engine may be running hot.  The radiator overflow discharges this fluid when the radiator builds up too much pressure due to overheating.  It is best to check your temperature gauge or see if your temp light is on or flashing. 

The reddish fluid is an indicator that your transmission may be having issues.  Whether minor or major, you won't really know until it is checked out by professionals and should not be  put off.

The brownish fluid is an indicator that your engine or oil pan may be leaking.  DO NOT Disregard this!  Check your oil level immediately as running your engine with low or negligible oil level can permanently damage your engine.  Call us for more information.

Leaks can occur from many places and can be caused by lots of things. The only way to find out exactly what is causing the leaks and how to correct them is to have your vehicle examined and diagnosed by a trained professionals, like Car Pros Specialists.

 leaking radiator

-OR-leaking transmission

sticking transmission Chattering, Clunking, Banging or Chugging?

Whoa, don’t panic!! Although your transmission should not make noise, this may be something simple. Sometimes it just requires a little attention. Some minor adjustments can be made, sometimes its just time for a service.

Don’t ignore this! Ignoring a possible problem could lead to heartache in the end. Bring your vehicle by so we can complete our comprehensive diagnostic service to make sure your transmission is in ideal operating condition.

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