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Car Pros of Sanford

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We provide service to all of Sanford and surrounding areas!

Oil Change Service
We recommend an oil change and maintenance check every 3 months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. A full-service oil change Car Pros includes up to 5 quarts of Oil, a new oil filter, and vehicle lubrication of chassis components according to manufacturer's specifications. All fluids checked and topped off as needed. We also perform our 22 point courtesy inspection with each full service oil change. We can keep your vehicle up to date on all its maintenance needs. Below you will find some of the services we offer and the service intervals accord to most manufacturer recommendations

At the same time, we also perform a complete preventive maintenance check of the following:
  • Transmission flush (every 30K miles) --- $129.99
  • Power steering flush (every 60K miles) --- $79.99
  • Fuel induction service (every 30K miles) --- $89.99
  • Transfer case service (every 60K miles) --- $69.99
  • Cooling system flush (every 60K miles) --- $79.99
  • Front differential service (every 60K miles) --- $69.99
  • Rear differential service (every 60K miles) --- $69.99
  • Air Conditioning service --- $89.99
  • Tire Rotation (every 6K miles) --- $20.00
  • Headlight restoration --- $29.99
  • NC emission inspection --- $30.00
  • 4 wheel computerized alignment --- $70.00
Brake Service

Today’s automobile and vehicle braking systems are much more complex than those in use only a few years ago.  When it comes to vehicle / automobile safety, few other systems are as important.  This is why it is a good idea to leave brake repair and service work to the qualified experts, like the experts at Car Pros.  Our highly trained brake repair professionals know how to keep your automobile braking system functioning at optimum performance.  We only use the highest quality parts and components to ensure the safety of you and your family. Failure to have your auto brake system serviced or repaired can cause accidents or worse.  Don't test your fate and possibly others!  Let Car Pros keep you safe on the highways!

Engine Repair

Your engine is the heart of your automobile. Your engine is a sophisticated piece of machinery which contains many parts which must work properly, and in harmony, in order to function properly and provide optimal performance.  The ASE certified Engine repair service technicians at Car Pros have the necessary knowledge and experience regarding automobile engine troubleshooting, repair, service, maintenance and replacement.

 Let Car Pros keep the "heart" of your vehicle in top shape!

Heat and A/C Services:

Keep warm all winter and cool all summer long by having your Heat and A/C checked before you hit the road.  Without your heat and air conditioner, even the shortest trip can be a long, uncomfortable haul.  Remember that heating and air conditioner failure could also signify a more significant problem.

Visit Car Pros and let one of our certified technicians inspect your heating and air conditioning and make sure your systems are fully functional.  It’s the best way to keep you and your vehicle in the right "temperature" settings.

Tire Rotation:

Maximizing tire life can be summarized in one word: rotation. Regular rotation improves the ride and handling of your car and most important, gives you maximum tread wear.

Rotating your tires according to manufacturer’s recommendations promotes even wear and prolongs their life. Your Car Pros can take care of this for you in only about 10 minutes (for most vehicles), and no appointment is necessary.

If we've left anything out, just let us know!!!
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